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Recording Session in Northumberland

Strings, Songs and Beautiful Strangers

Recording is complete! We have just finished our last recording session for the new album Estren, and what an immense pleasure it’s been to work with all our amazing collaborators.Continue readingStrings, Songs and Beautiful Strangers

Billy Wynter’s Cover Art Takes Shape

Cornish artist Billy Wynter is creating a sycamore seed for our album cover. Constructed out of withies and paper, it closely follows the design of the many lanterns that canContinue readingBilly Wynter’s Cover Art Takes Shape

Album Underwraps – Far From The Tree

2016 beckons and we’ve a debut album lurking in post-production! In November and December last year we finally committed the last two years of our existence to tape. ‘Far FromContinue readingAlbum Underwraps – Far From The Tree

Outta London

We came briefly out of hibernation last month for a small string of gigs. Spread across Southern England, the trio ventured to Kent, Sussex, Oxfordshire and back into the grimyContinue readingOutta London

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