Due to be released in the spring of 2021 – ‘Estren’ is a direct evolution of our debut album, “Far From The Tree”’. It outlines a style of music we want to bring to a wider audience: “Stranger Folk”; the music of minstrels, wanderers, and travellers that speaks to all.

It will feature a collection of our original compositions alongside some wonderful pieces we’ve picked up along the way. Like the American Waltz, ‘La Bestia’, a curious melody with a Spanish name. The admirable 18th-century ballad, ‘Drummer Boy’, that tells of a girl disguising herself as a boy in order to fight in a war she isn’t allowed to. Finally the titular track, ‘Estren’, whose chorus’ lyrics are taken from an old Cornish song, detailing the journey of a nameless self-identifying stranger who travels to a foreign land in order to find love.

Origin Story

In the autumn of 2017, TEYR entered a sabbatical. New business ventures, solo album releases and deep mind master courses would see them hibernating through that winter. 

One year later, in October 2018, James and Dominic find themselves on a flight to Helsinki. After a long separation with their musical compatriot and initiate of Nordic life, Tommie, the three of them did what any sensible folk musician these days would do: they sat in a log cabin in the Finnish woods for five days, created music, sowed ideas, and relaxed in the sauna in the evenings.

Over the next year, there would be another Finnish trip of tune writing and arranging, filming in London and entering talks with Ian Stephenson (Kan, Baltic Crossing and 422) to take on the role of producer.

TEYR is now officially BACK!

Progress So Far

Back in January of this year, we had the honour to reap our ideas in what can only be described as one of the most charming recording studios we have ever been in. Thanks to Ian Stephenson, our ideas were flying – and within five solid days of work we not only had our new and improved material on tape, but we also had some guitar licks from the master himself!

In May we launched a Kickstarter campaign, raising an incredible £6,794. This will help us finish the remainder of the recording, design and manafacture the album. In the coming months, Covid permitting, we will bring together our stunning string musicians – Holly Harman (Twisted Twenty), Flora Curzon (Project Instrumental), Amy-Jane Hosken (The Rad Orchestra) – and Ruth Corey (NYX Electric Drone Choir) to make several live recordings to take back up to Ian’s studio later this year. We’re aiming for our final recording session in beautiful Northumberland at the start of September

As per the demands, man-hours and leg work of putting together an album, we will work tirelessly to have the copies of the physical CD by the end of this year – to distribute to all you amazing human beings who backed this project and to bring along with us on our album launch tour.

Thank you for coming along with us this far – we’re looking forward to sharing this campaign with you and sending off all these treats and goodies we’ve collected for our donors.

Stay safe during these extraordinary times, and we trust we’ll see you on the road in the future.

To each and every one of you, thank you.

James, Dominic & Tommie

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