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Over a year ago we rambled cross the South West with Jez Hellard & The Djukella Orchestra, getting lost in the cider belt and blasting a musical path through some windswept atlantic villages. That tour, the Gales and Tall Tales, sowed the seeds for the following year of musical collaboration, and here is where some of those plants took root.

Jez Hellard’s new album ‘Heavy Wood’

Jez Hellard returns with his new album ‘Heavy Wood’ featuring Nye Parsons on double bass, Alastair Caplin on fiddle, Ewan Bleach on clarinet and James Hegarty along with the honoured members of TEYR. Recorded with the help of Sam Welbourne and his incredible portable studio, the album wraps around your ears and transports you to a world of fiery words and melodies. If folk is your tipple then please do click here to pre-order your copy of the album which has been entirely self funded, and produced. An incredible amount of work goes into any good album, and this is no exception. Go on, grab one!

Plus here are some glowing words from the nice people at Folk Radio UK.

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