Hand Down

In atypically bad news for TEYR, we announce that Tommie has broken his right hand in a cycling accident. Luckily the fracture was only minor and the NHS is simply incredible. Sadly this means of course that playing accordion is decidedly impossible. Apologies if you were hoping to see us play at any of the festivals in July including Henley Festival, Rollright Fayre, Sea Salts & Sail or elsewhere. With luck and good physiotherapy we’ll be up and squeezing again by August, fingers crossed! (Pun intended)

Tommie’s fetching new cast

A final round of credit to our national health service must be made also. Their endless work saving lives and livelihoods is a priceless blessing to this island. What’s more, Tommie’s treatment could have gone quite differently without the help of our neighbours; his nurse was Portuguese, the consultant surgeons Italian and Belgian, and his treatment coordinator German. If there’s a lesson to be learnt, then it’s to help one another regardless of nationality, and to help save the NHS. To join one such campaign you can click here.

So, all bone healing progressing as predicted, our next gig will now be Cambridge Folk Festival. See you soon folks!

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